Contribute to our photos! (And view them too!)

Some of our photos taken by guests have been put up. If you'd like to upload them to our photo pool, please email Teresa at [ teresawinkymak at gmail dot com ] , and she will give you the username and password.


Our photos can be viewed on On Flickr

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Wedding accomplished!

Thanks to all our friends and family who helped out.
It was wonderful for us to see everyone at the wedding.


Shahril + Teresa

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For those of you staying at the Courtyard Marriott, we will be offering a shuttle service on Saturday to get up to Windrose Farm. The ceremony starts at 2:30PM.

Times of departure for Windrose Farm:


Please let us know if you are staying at a different hotel and require shuttle service to Windrose Farm.

At night, we will also be offering shuttle service from Windrose Farm to the Courtyard Marriott. We will be departing at the following times:


Please let Heather/Teresa know which times you will require the shuttle - or

Please note that if you plan on driving up to Windrose Farm, there is ample parking available up there. However, note that at night the roads are not well lit and it is easy to get lost.

Amanda the Baker !

Big Thanks to Amanda. She's a good friend from the SM Market and the master baker at the restaurant "food" in LA. She's going to be baking our wedding cake and we just had a tasting. It was super ! I didn't realize it but it put a big smile on my face as I tasted the different icing options -)

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Shoes optional

Shoes optional ? Well its just a metaphor. The event is going to be relaxed event with good food, good company and music.
We want our guests to be comfortable. So dress up; wear sneakers, sandals or just come barefoot if you like.


As some of you know, our wedding is DIY affair and friends have been great at helping out. Does anyone want to carpool and lower the environmental footprint ? Let us know.

Big thanks to Nora and Terry for carpooling 

Wedding Singer

Big hand to our French wedding singer Nathalie for making our day special -)