Paso Robles

We finally settled on getting married at our friends place, Barbara and Bill Spencer of Windrose farms. Initially we thought in Toronto , Teresa's home, but logistically that was too tough and didn't quite feel right. Then we thought somewhere in LA, but nothing quite felt right.

(barbara, teresa, shahril)

We are big believers in eating healthy, enjoy good food and company and love the fresh air, so we thought, hey wouldn't it be great to have our big day out of LA, so we can all get together, free of distraction and celebrate life and our union.


Barbara and Bill were very kind to offer their place, its further out, but there is lots to do. It's in the wine country with tasting rooms, hot tubbing, good restaurants and there are places not too far away for shopping, watching the ocean or lazing by the beach. If you come up a little earlier, its good chance to meet up with old friends, make new ones and just relax.

(Bill baking bread)